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Home Security, CCTV, Saorview, Aerials & Dishes JMC Sats Fire Alarm Fire Detection Control Panel

Home & Commercial Fire Alarms

JMC Sats provide a full range of Fire Alarms & Fire Detection systems and installation services to suit any home, business or commercial application.

As well as Fire Alarm systems, JMC Sats also provide Home Security systems, Commercial CCTV systems, Agricultural Security systems, Commercial Aerial & Satellite installations, Domestic Aerial & Satellite installations, Access Control & Video Doorbell systems & Internet Access Points for home or business premises.

Home Security, CCTV, Saorview, Aerials & Dishes JMC Sats Fire Detection Call Point Box

Fire Alarm Systems

Ensuring that your home or commercial premises is fitted with a high-quality fire alarm system is a must to ensure the safety of your property, belongings, and the people most important to you.

JMC Sats offer professional fire alarm design & installation services for all types of home and business or commercial premises. We can provide bespoke fire alarms & fire detection
systems, from leading brands such as Eurotech Fire, to suit the individual needs and requirements of your home or business premises.

Fire Alarms keep your home, site or business/commercial
premises safe from fire damage.
Break ins & burglaries are not the only threat to your home or business. It’s imperative to be cautious of fire for both personal and property safety.
An efficient fire alarm can save lives and prevent damage to your goods, belongings, and building.

Home Security, CCTV, Saorview, Aerials & Dishes JMC Sats Fire Alarm Fire Detection Bell Sounder

Early Warnings Save Lives

The main function of fire alarms & fire detection systems is to give an early warning of fire in a building or premises to ensure the safety of the occupants by alerting them of the danger of a fire and increasing the time available to escape to safety or to take other emergency actions.
The second function is to reduce the loss of, or damage to property by ensuring early detection and increasing the possibility of extinguishing the fire before it takes control.
It is essential to have fully functioning Fire Alarms & Fire Detection Systems and to make sure that this system is tested, serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

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