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JMC Sats - Commercial Security, CCTV Security JMC Sats CCTV Commercial 8MP TioC Bullet Camera with Sign

Commercial CCTV Systems

JMC Sats provide a full range of CCTV systems and installation services to suit any business or commercial application. We can install systems as basic as a single security camera with built in recording & remote monitoring to a multi camera high-definition IP based system for high-security recording & remote monitoring.

As well as Commercial CCTV systems, JMC Sats also provide Home Security systems, Commercial Aerial & Satellite installations, Domestic Aerial & Satellite installations & Internet Access Points for home or business premises. Please contact us on 053 94 117 17 or 086 842 3226 or email us on to arrange a survey today.

Business / Commercial / Industrial CCTV Systems
A complete CCTV solution for all your needs!

We offer complete CCTV surveillance solutions for your business or commercial premises, whatever your budget or needs. We use our years of security expertise to assess the risks for each location and then provide the solution to suit you. If you have an existing system, we can upgrade it for you.
With our security camera systems, you can record 24/7 inside and outside your premises and monitor all areas on your PC. The footage can also be accessed as a live feed or in playback mode via a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world using the easy-to-use app.
JMC Sats - Commercial Security, CCTV Security JMC Sats CCTV Commercial 8MP Bullet

Commercial CCTV systems can be utilised in numerous commercial, retail, industrial & business premises:
  • Internal Systems - provide retail shops with CCTV systems for monitoring tills and customers, to protect staff and reduce shoplifting. Warehousing and factories use CCTV to reduce insurance claims and for remote perimeter protection to prevent break-ins.
  • Agricultural Solutions - Farms and yards can use our systems for monitoring of livestock, especially during calving and lambing season and for protection of expensive farm machinery.
  • Garages/Service Stations - CCTV for service stations provides security for forecourts and fuel pumps and within the retail shops to protect staff and help prevent criminal behaviour and shoplifting.
  • External CCTV Systems - can be fitted to offices to aid outdoor security and cameras to monitor visitor activity.
  • Pubs, Clubs & Hotels - security can help staff and customers feel safer. Visible CCTV also reduces anti-social behaviour and allows security staff to get to the trouble quickly.
  • Apartment Blocks - benefit from security cameras for monitoring visitors, protecting residents and communal areas and can incorporate access control systems.
  • Car Parks - CCTV security systems in car parks can create peace of mind for vehicle owners. They also help reduce insurance claims for car park operators and can incorporate ANPR technology.

Did You Know? CCTV security footage is not admissible in court unless it has been installed by a PSA licenced security company!

Your custom designed CCTV system from JMC Sats will deter criminals & criminal activity, provide peace of mind while you’re away from your premises, protect staff and property, allow notification to Gardaí sooner, help identify the culprits, provide evidence to prosecute, reduce the incidents of theft, vandalism & anti-social behaviour.

Please contact us on 053 94 117 17 or 086 842 3226 or email us on to arrange a survey today.

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