No Monthly Bills TV


No Monthly Bills TV

This complete digital TV system will allow you to watch Saorview & UK Freesat channels with no monthly bills.

Installation of a satellite dish, aerial and set top box to watch Saorview & UK Freesat channels is included.

You will be able to watch a broad range of the most popular free channels from Ireland via a digital Saorview aerial and the UK via Freesat. The package includes all Irish channels as well as many popular UK channels including BBC channels, ITV channels, Channel 4 channels, Channel 5 channels and many more.

The Amiko Mini Combo receiver will allow you to pause live TV and to do timed recordings of programmes. As this receiver does not contain a built-in hard drive, you will need to save your recordings on either a USB stick or USB hard drive, both of which can be supplied (at an extra cost). While you are recording a Saorview programme, you'll be able to watch a satellite channel and vice versa.

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