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No Satellite or Aerial Signal??

JMC Sats also offer an aerial & satellite dish re-alignment & repair service. If, for any reason, you are not receiving an aerial or satellite signal whether on a Saorview or Freeview setup we can repair or replace your Saorview or Freeview aerial or dish. Contact us by phone on 053 94 11717 or email today

Aerial installations

Saorview gives access to the best in Irish TV. Whatever TV you love, Saorview has lots of it from soaps, drama, sport, travel, chat, documentaries, reality, and more besides. An ever-growing range of products and services allow you to access free TV in a way that suits you and the way you want to watch, whether it’s in your living room, bedroom or holiday home, planning forward or catching up.  With Saorview you get access to channels from RTÉ, Virgin Media, and TG4 - the best in Irish content and the most watched TV programmes in Ireland, all for free. Plus you can listen to radio and access digital Aertel.  To get Saorview you need to connect a Saorview box or Saorview TV to an aerial. Most modernTV's come with Saorview built in or you can adapt your existing TV with a set top box. In order to get a good signal we recommend you connect your Saorview equipment to an external aerial on the roof but make sure your cabling is of a good quality. JMC Sats will be able to help you with this. Depending on your location, you may be able to use a loft mounted aerial to receive Saorview. Contact us by phone on 053 94 11717 or email today for more information.

satellite installations

We can install satellite dishes for Freeview, Sky, Freesat & European Satellite Systems. We also specialise in non-standard installations. We can offer installation for Italian, French, Arabic, Hungarian, German, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Brazilian, Spanish and many other foreign language satellites. JMC Sats offers roof mounting of satellite dishes & aerials – effectively hiding your dish or aerial from view. Discreet installations include ground mounted, flat roof mounted & roof mounted with specialist mounts. We also offer high installations to ensure your signal in the case of properties in mountainous areas. We can also distribute your Aerial or Satellite signal throughout your home including to kitchens & bedrooms. Contact us by phone on 053 94 11717 or email today for further information.