CCTV Systems

All of JMC’s custom Home CCTV systems are designed to protect your property, your possessions and more importantly your family. Your security cameras will be positioned in the most suitable positions so that any potential intruder will be deterred from approaching your property.

Made Just
For You

Every home has different security and protection requirements. From the smallest apartment to the largest house, JMC Sats can design and install a system that is tailored just for your home and budget. Everything we provide will have the specific purpose of increasing the protection for your home and will be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Peace Of Mind

All of our CCTV systems can be monitored 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind and up to the minute information which can be accessed online through a monitoring app that you download to your smart phone or tablet, so you can always be connected to your home.  

Answer Your Door
From Anywhere

A Video doorbell or intercom is an outdoor camera placed at your front door, either battery-powered or hardwired. There are many options including notification via a mobile app either when someone pushes the doorbell, or when the camera detects motion or a person, depending on its artificial intelligence capabilities.

We can design a system that suits you
look no further than JMC Sats

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