No Satellite Or,
Aerial Signal?

JMC Sats also offer an aerial and satellite dish re-alignment and repair service. If, for any reason, you are not receiving an aerial or satellite signal, whether on a Saorview or Freeview setup,  we can repair or replace your Saorview or Freeview aerial or dish.

As well as commercial aerial & satellite installations, we also offer domestic aerial & satellite installations. Find out more here

Commercial Aerials
& Dishes

JMC Sats supply and install commercial aerial & satellite installations for local businesses. We also repair and replace satellites if you have an old aerial or dish delivering a poor signal to your premises.

Bespoke TV systems – designed for your business

We make your commercial Saorview or Freeview installation straight forward, hassle-free and more affordable than you might think! Whether you are a new business or an existing company upgrading your TV setup, it can be difficult to know which systems or equipment are right for you, for in order to acquire the absolutely best TV services. This is where JMC Sats can help. JMC Sats specialise in providing individual site by site service to our commercial customers.

Our aim is to provide the best equipment and service to get your site connected to the digital world of entertainment.

Multi Screen & Multi Room
Digital TV Installations

With wide experience from multi-screen sports pubs, nursing homes to apartment buildings, JMC Sats can provide a cost effective and flexible installation for your property.

Whether you want a simple Saorview installation, Freeview or FreeSat or a combination of aerial and dish in a multi-point system, we will provide you with the best options based on your requirements and business plans.

JMC Sats also provide the following services:

  • Commercial Saorview TV Aerials
  • Commercial Freeview/Freesat Installations
  • Commercial Multi-Point Distribution Systems
  • Commercial Communal TV Systems

& Replacements

Whether your business requires TV installations, maintenance, repairs or all three, we are delighted to cater to your needs.

We are experienced in fitting and installing large scale commercial aerial & satellite installations solutions for offices, bars, hotels, residential buildings, nursing homes and much more.

For quality home or business security systems
look no further than JMC Sats

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