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Access Control

JMC Sats provide a full range of Access Control & Video Doorbell systems and installation services to suit any domestic, business or commercial application. We can install systems as basic as a single Video Doorbell system to a multi door, multi building system.

As well as Access Controls systems, JMC Sats also provide Commercial Aerial & Satellite installations, Domestic Aerial & Satellite installations, Home Security systems, Commercial CCTV systems, Gate Automation systems, Fire Alarm systems & Internet Access Points for home or business premises.

Domestic or Commercial
Access Control Systems

JMC Sats offer complete Access Control & Video Doorbell Solutions for your home, business or commercial premises. Whether you need a Video Doorbell for your home or a multi-door Access Control system for a business premises we can supply a solution to suit your budget and needs. We use our years of expertise to assess the requirements & risks for each location and then provide the solution to suit you. If you have an existing system, we can upgrade it for you.

JMC Sats - Video Doorbell - Intercom - Entry Unit -
JMC Sats - Video Doorbell - Intercom - Base Unit -

Any System,
Any Size

Whether you need a simple solution for a door or you need to secure & monitor staff, vehicle & pedestrian access across your whole site or a network of sites, JMC Sats can provide you with a professional, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Access Control Systems are scalable from a one door stand-alone system to networked systems whereby hundreds of doors can be controlled and reported to one controller.

External or Internal
Access Control Systems

Access Control & Video Doorbell systems can be applied to doors, gates, barriers, and bollards.

The advantage of these systems is the ability to restrict who has access, to which entrance/exit, at what times and days, for how long, or to automatically lock or unlock specific entrances/exits within certain timeframes. It also provides the opportunity to list who has accessed what entrance/exit and at what time.

Authorised Access may be gained by many methods including Fob, Card, Facial Recognition & Bio-Metrics (Finger Print) & GSM Dial to open.

JMC Sats - Car Park Barrier - Access Control Barrier -

For quality home or business access control systems
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